Cologne, Germany

Tel : +49 157 52056699


This is me

Hi, I’m Nicky!
I’m a Dutch-Irish photographer, living in Cologne, at the moment.

In my early 20’s, I started working as a social worker and studied at TheFOTOfactory (Private Institute of Photography) in Amsterdam. Working with autistic children for the past ten years has shown me the importance of first observing before reacting. I noticed the value of being aware and observing small details.

I have always traveled a lot and taking photos on my journey is one of my main activities. I love to show through my photography how everything has the power to be beautiful if we are willing to change our perspective. I want to show the beauty in the difference.

I became a professional photographer because I wanted to combine my observation skills with my creativity and feed my never ending curiousity.

How I work

What if a photo shooting can be playful, joyful and adventurous?
What if it is not about you posing in front of the camera but about us discovering new places and “new parts” of you and capturing this beautiful experience, as part of the photo shooting.

It’s probably different than what you may have experienced before. This is where photography for me gets so playful and so much fun!

The Process

Meet and greet
Before the photoshoot I would like to meet you (in real or by video call). This way both parties can see if it’s a match. I will ask you questions about you and what you would like to show. You get to share your wishes and desires for the photo shooting.
Then there is a brainstorm of possible locations. I love to be creative and am open for ideas.

Photo shooting
During the last 3 years as a professional photographer and being a social worker for ten years, I gained a lot of experience working with people.
People, who mostly do not have a professional experience in front of the camera.
My friendly and playful way makes the clients feel comfortable very soon and enjoy the photo shoot. I always take the time to show the pictures in between the different shots, in order to keep it transparent and changeable.

My way of photographing is a combination of portrait and documentary. I like to create natural, fresh, crispy and light pictures.
Preferably I work with natural daylight: either outside or an indoor location with enough sunlight.