Art Photography

More than a photo-shooting!

What if a photo-shoot was a way to explore yourself? this creative session is all about you and the way you would like to express yourself. Your expression is unique, meaning that the elements we choose and the ideas we come up with will be different than others.
This photoshoot is not about smiling in front of the camera and showing your perfect image, it is about exploring what is beyond the image and see yourself in a completely different light.

There are so many facets to you and thus this is an ongoing discovery.

Are you willing to step out of your comfort zone ?

Preparation is key!

Before we have the photo-shooting, we will have a meeting (online or in person, depending on your location). It is really about getting to know you and discover together what side of yourself you would like to express and in what way.
The clearer we get on that, the more we can be creative and play during the photo-shooting.

In a second phase there is space to share ideas and wishes, get props and materials, choose a location and a date.

Phase three: the photo-shooting is also a joint creative process, where we will have at least 1,5 hours to transform different ideas into beautiful images.

After post production you get all the images downloadable in high resolution and you can pick your favorite image, that will be printed in fine art quality (30x40cm).

Looking for inspiration ?