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This is me

Hello, I’m Nicky – a Dutch-Irish photographer currently calling Utrecht, The Netherlands, my home.

My journey into photography began in my early twenties while I was working as a social worker and studying at TheFOTOfactory, a private institute of photography nestled in the vibrant heart of Amsterdam.

A decade of working with autistic children turned my world upside down – in the best way possible. It taught me the incredible value of seeing the world from a different angle. These remarkable kids not only expanded my mind but also reshaped my life., I’ve always felt different myself. I spent years trying to blend in, like many of us do. But those kids taught me something profound: it’s our quirks and peculiarities that make us fascinating and truly unique.

My love for travel has taken me to distant corners of the globe and deep within my own soul. No matter where I go, my camera is always by my side, capturing not just places, but the personal transformations that occur when we step out of our comfort zones.

I firmly believe that everyone has a unique gift, a special way of seeing the world. All it takes is a willingness to explore it. This belief drives my work as a professional photographer. Through my lens, I aim to show a world that’s more enjoyable, more creative, and more authentic to who we truly are.

Come along with me on this delightful and powerful journey as we rediscover the world, full of creativity, authenticity, depth and endless opportunities.

How I work

Ever wondered what a photoshoot could be like if it were a playful, joyful, and daring adventure? What if it wasn’t just about you posing in front of the camera, but about us embarking on a journey to uncover new places and hidden facets of your personality?

Picture this: it’s not your typical photoshoot; it’s an extraordinary experience.

This is where photography takes a turn. It’s not about stiff poses and forced smiles; it’s about the thrill of discovery, the joy of exploration, and the beauty of capturing those moments. So, buckle up, for an adventure, a celebration of you, that is about to get wonderfully, delightfully playful and fun!

The Process

Meet and greet
Let’s kick off our photography adventure with a meet and greet! it’s not just a formality; it’s a chance for us to connect and ensure we’re the perfect match for this creative journey. We can do this in person or through a lively video call. During our meet and greet, I’m all ears. I want to hear your story, your dreams, and what you want to express through these photos. This is your moment to share your wishes, desires, and any ideas you may have brewing.

We’ll dive into a brainstorming session to conjure up a list of possible locations. My creativity knows no bounds, and I’m wide open to your ideas. Together, we’ll cook up a plan that’s as unique and captivating as you are.

Our collaboration begins with curiosity, enthusiasm, and a sprinkle of creative magic

Photo shooting
Over the past years as a professional photographer and with a decade of experience as a social worker under my belt, I’ve had the privilege of working with a diverse array of individuals. Many of them had little to no experience in front of a camera.

What sets my approach apart is my open, friendly and playful part. I have a gift for making my clients feel at ease quickly, transforming the photo shoot into an enjoyable experience. I believe in the power of transparency and collaboration. So, during our session, I take the time to share the images with you in between shots. This not only keeps the process transparent but also allows us to adapt and make changes as we go along.

In front of my lens, it’s not just about capturing moments; it’s about co-creating an experience that’s relaxed, fun, and full of surprises.

I take pictures that feel natural and fresh. I use natural daylight, either outdoors or in well-lit indoor spaces, to make the photos look bright and crisp. So, expect photos that are candid and well-lit, all with a natural touch.