Exhibition Into the Wild


This is so exciting! What an experience… My first solo photography exhibition took place between the 4th and 7th of April in France. 
INTO THE WILD showing the POTENCY and POWER of the earth. A question that was with me while creating this photo series is: What Potency are we ourselves that we try to lock up?

So grateful to all the helpers, the village of Saint Jeannet and to the beautiful Opera singer Amy Blake, who organised the musical performance which made this exhibition a big celebration!

Exhibition invitation: Celebration of Magic

Exhibition invitation: Celebration of Magic

Sweet beings, on 1st of September we are having a Photo exhibition, celebrating 1 year of Saskias Yoga Studio, plus there will be a great concert by NAAKT.
Get your tickets: https://www.facebook.com/events/235580433695810/
Looking forward to see y’all in Heerlen, NL.

About the exhibition:

Body art.
In a world, where there is a lot of judgements about how bodies should be…
I am more curious to discover the unique wonders of bodies.
Inspired by Saskia Mevis who choses to celebrate, embrace and enjoy her body.
While attending her Yoga lesson, I instantly noticed, how different her body was. With ease, she slides from one pose into another, no force involved. The sence of lightness with every movement, made me curious to discover more…
I knew her body treasured some wisdom, that couldn’t wait to be seen by the world. From that moment on it all magically appeared. Her body transformed into a sculpture, that was so powerful. Any judgements melted away like snowflakes and the room filled up with pure beauty.

Colourful chaos

Colourful chaos

It’s so much fun for me to walk over fleemarkets.
Especially noticing the funny chaos that appears, when people put their old belongings together.
Suddenly, the doll that was hiding in the attick for years, is shining bright in the sun, accompanied by toys, glasses, necklaces and other random items.
It’s like some of them were just waiting to come alive again, waiting for change, waiting to be treaured by their new owner.

What chaos can we bring in our lives that will cause change and revival?


For more pictures, check the Gallery.


Botanic dream

Botanic dream

Wandering off in a dreamy place called my life.
The place, where creation and possibilities grow like wild plants.

Growing in their own unique richness, the moment I choose to nurture them.
– Inspired by the National Botanic Gardens in Dublin, Ireland –

For more check the Gallery.


Anxiety, if we choose to let it influence our life it will create walls so we become blind for the possibilities that are there in every moment. How would your life look like when you get present with this and still never allow it to dominate your choices…? 

Check out the Gallery for more pictures.

The earth and Intimacy

If we talk about intimacy we mostly talk about our relationships with our partner. What if intimacy includes far more than that..?

What does the earth show us when we talk about intimacy? Ever noticed how your whole body just relaxes when you BE with the earth. It is like: ’wow finally a space without judgements, a space where I can BE who and whatever I desire!’. I don’t have to be right and especially don’t have to prove anything. The earth constantly allows me to be ME..
What if we invite the space that the earth is in our own lifes? What if we BE the space where others including ourselves can BE who they truly BE. I noticed by being this space I am more intimate (honor, trust, vulnerability, gratitude, allowance) with myself and others.
Just choosing to BE that space is changing my life and the life of others.

infinite gratitude for the Earth
How is your relationship with the earth? Are you willing to let it contribute to your life? I wonder…

Great gratitude for Merlijn Wolsink. Truly being with the earth and willing to create pictures beyond expectations.


Check out the Gallery for more pictures.